The Labradorite Crystal Elixir is a limited batch item featuring a beautiful polished labradorite stone embedded into a moisturizing aromatic base of Jasmine and Ylang Ylang. Labradorite is considered a stone for divination: its opalescent appearance reveals deeper layers within, lending to its properties of enhancing intuition and instilling a sense of spiritual purpose. Jasmine is known to rewaken passion and free the spirit; the oil used in this blend is of the Grandiflorum variety, and offers a softer aroma than it's common cousin Pikake. Ylang Ylang, an earthy floral that proves itself to be bright yet grounded, calms the heart and enhances the body's protective energy.

Use your Crystal Elixir however you like: under the nose for its aromatic properties, on the wrists as perfume, on the skin or hair to hydrate.
You will find that there is a rather magical aspect to rubbing the smooth stone while using the balm ~ and you will have a beautiful labradorite to keep! 

Crafted in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love + plants:
Organic California Extra Virgin Olive Oil {Oleo europa}
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil {Cocos nucifera}
Oahu Beeswax {Cera alba}
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute
 {Jasminum grandiflorum} 
Ylang Ylang Essential Oil {Cananga odorata} 
Labradorite stone

Available in a 1 oz tin for a limited time only.