These are our top five essentials for all of your wilderness adventures, to keep you outside for as long as you want to be there! This set is perfect for anyone who loves spending time jungle trekking, mountain hiking or forest bathing. Find everything you need to embrace the wild: 

1. DON'T BUG ME ~ oil-based insect repellant {1 oz bottle}

2. S.O.S. SPRAY ~ herbal antiseptic for cuts, scrapes and rashes  {1 oz bottle}

3. SOLVE ALL SALVE  ~ all purpose healing salve for minor abrasions & irritations in your choice of Hawaiian Sandalwood or Lemongrass {1/2 oz tin}

4. STING ZINGER ~ roll-on infusion for itchy & painful insect bites & stings {1/3 oz vial}

5. SANGRE DE DRAGO ~ liquid bandage for open wounds, bites & blemishes {1 dram vial}

Save $8 when you order these Elixirs together! 

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