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Perfectly Imperfect Elixirs

Here you will find elixirs that, for one reason or another, have missed the mark in terms of appearance when it comes to our perfectionist standards. Every once in a blue moon, a balm will get nicked before we put on the lid, a crystal will sink to the bottom of a Crystal Elixir, or we have some extra inventory that we'd rather you enjoy while it's fresh. 

For Loyal Customers Only ~ Not to be Gifted

Rest assured that all of these items are completely new and unused, are of the exact same batches & formulations as our full priced products, and have plenty of shelf life left for you to use every drop. With that said, we emphasize that all Sale Shop products are not for gifting, but rather to stock up on elixirs that you already love and have experienced in their most impeccable form. 

If in Doubt ~ Purchase a New One! 

Please note that every Sale Shop item at least one of the following imperfections:

• Whipped Love / Savior Salves that have melted slightly but are still usable
• Tiny nicks or dents on the surface of the balm (still new & unused)
• Salves that are just barely not filled to the top of the tin 
Crystallizations of beeswax or plant butters on the balm surface (a natural occurrence that does not affect the formulation)
• Small scratches on the outside of the tin
Crystals that have sunken to the bottom of a Crystal Elixir
Old or off colored labels