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The Herbalist is always prepared for anything, with potions aplenty in her purse to ease & heal all manor of aches & ailments. This set features all of our favorite first aid elixirs, including adorable exclusive mini versions of salves & rollers to keep your bag light.

Our First Aid Kit includes the pictured 5.5" x 3.7" hinged stainless steel tin with a clear window to store all of your herbal allies in. 

1. SOLVE ALL SALVE ~ healing versatile balm for abrasions & irritations with your choice of Hawaiian Sandalwood or Hawaiian Lemongrass {0.5 oz tin}

2. PAIN HEALER SALVE ~ pain relieving & tissue repairing salve for aches, pains & soreness {0.5 oz tin}

3. BLUE MOON BALM ~ warming herbal salve for cramps, stomach aches & sore muscles {0.5 oz tin}

4. BREATHE RELIEF BALM ~ cooling & opening rub for chest & sinus congestion {0.5 oz}

5. HEAD TONIC ~ roll-on treatment for headaches, sinus pressure & congestion {1/6 oz glass roller}

6. STING ZINGER ~ roll-on relief from itchy or painful insect bites & stings  {1/6 oz glass roller}

7. SANGRE DE DRAGO ~ liquid bandage for open cuts & blemishes {1 dram vial}