A luxurious anointing oil for the coldest days of winter, crafted entirely with local ingredients. With a subtle yet enticing aroma, the Ginger Vanilla Body Oil is designed to nourish and warm when you need it most.

Apply after bathing from the neck down to the toes, and work in circles over small areas at a time to really generate heat. Rub over the abdomen to soothe the stomach and cramps, massage onto muscles to relieve soreness, and use on the hands and the feet to bring warmth to cold extremities. You can also add a bit to a hot foot bath, to soothe achiness after a long day.

This elixir should last into the spring for as long as the scent remains unchanged, but will be most potent within the first six months. My intention for the Body Oil is to serve as an ally throughout the winter, to keep your skin soft and warm your entire being from the outside in.

Big Island Macadamia oil was chosen as the base for this luxurious anointing oil; deeply hydrating and replenishing, it soaks into the skin with ease. The fresh Ginger used in this blend was grown on the North Shore of Oahu and harvested young, leaving plenty of traces of vibrant pink on the rhizome skin and shoots {a color that disappears as the Ginger matures in the ground}. This aromatic herb activates blood circulation to benefit cold extremities and enlivens the digestive fire to promote healthy metabolism. To smooth out the spiciness of both the Macadamia oil and Ginger, Oahu-grown Vanilla beans {Vanilla planifolia} were infused into the blend. The slender pods, striated and almost black when dried, can be sliced open to reveal a seemingly infinite amount of tiny seeds — some of which have certainly found their way into your bottle, as a tangible memory of their imprint. 

Born from Botanicals in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i:

Hawaiian Macadamia Oil {Macadamia tetraphylla}, North Shore Young Ginger from Counter Culture Farm {Zingiber officinale}, La'ie Vanilla from La'ie Vanilla Co {Vanilla planifolia}

Available in a 2 oz or 3.3 oz clear glass bottle with dropper for a limited time only.