The Forest Bather Balm is designed as an everywhere elixir to nourish the body. The deep woodsy aroma comes from two of my favorite local ingredients: Hawaiian Vetiver roots and the rare, endemic Hawaiian Sandalwood. Both essential oils were distilled on Big Island from roots and heartwood (respectively) that grew there, and both are very precious botanical materials. Each of these oils impart a grounding balance on those who adorn them, and also help to rejuvenate and smooth dry and mature skin. 

The ultra hydrating base consists of Hawaiian Macadamia and organic Coconut oils, raw organic Shea and Cacao butters, and locally sourced beeswax for a soft, silky balm. The naturally sweet aroma of Shea and Cacao adds a lightness to the forest scents, and I’ve found this particular duo of butters to be the absolute best at healing even the most raw, chapped, irritated skin.


I like to think of this blend as a ‘camp balm’ because you can use all over your entire body and it also helps to repel bugs, so it’s perfect for outdoor adventuring!

Apply liberally as needed to hydrate face, body & hair. Enjoy as your sole moisturizer during outdoor excursions, camping trips and backpacking adventures! 


*Hawaii Grown | ºOrganic ~ *Macadamia Nut Oil / Macadamia tetraphylla, ºVirgin Coconut Oil / Cocos nucifera, ºFair Trade Cacao Butter / Theobroma Cacao, ºFair Trade Shea Butter / Vitellaria paradoxa, *Beeswax / Cera alba, *Hawaiian Vetiver Essential Oil / Chrysopogon zizanioides, *Hawaiian Sandalwood Essential Oil / Santalum Paniculatum


Available in a 1 oz tin. Please repurpose or recycle tins after you've enjoyed every last drop. All of our labels are printed on recycled paper.

Shelf Life

This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase. 


To step into a forest is to step into another world entirely. A canopy of leaves flutters above, a river of roots weaves below — even the light takes on an almost tangible quality as it dapples through treetops in geometric rays. The scent of damp earth, rich and fertile, pervades the senses as it intermingles with surrounding foliage. The stillness is a paradox, because every inch buzzes with life.

While forest bathing has recently found a new space amongst modern day self care, it is based on an ancient unrealized ritual. When we spend time in nature, away from everything we know of day to day life, we can realign with the inherent homeostasis with the earth. When we forge this communion with our environment, we can come back to balance within our own body, mind and spirit. 


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