EVERGREEN DEN ~ *Experimental Blend* Roll-on Perfume

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Fresh mountain air between the pines. 

Imagine yourself in a grassy grove, encircled by pine trees. The air is exceptionally clean, and with every inhale your surroundings leave you feeling ever more refreshed as the nature around you intermingles with your chemistry. Camphorous notes emitted by evergreens allow your lungs to breathe with ease, while the scent of cedarwood increases oxygenation to the brain and enhances higher thought. 

Evergreen Den is a richly woody scent on the more masculine side, however it does not discriminate ~ anyone can adorn this blend. Pine is the most prominent note, followed by American Cedar, brightened by Bergamot, with touches of Bay Laurel and Eucalyptus. The result is a dense but uplifting, designed for those of us who prefer to be scaling a mountainside on the weekends. 

This roll on perfumery adornment can be used anywhere on the body for a natural fragrance. Shake the vial gently before using, as heavier resins tend to sink. All of the aromatics used here {and in all Indigo Elixirs} are purely plant in origin ~ only true essential oils, resins and undiluted absolutes allowed. 

Born from Botanicals in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love +
Organic Californian Extra Virgin Olive Oil {Olea europaea}, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil {Cocos nucifera}, Texan Cedarwood Essential Oil {Juniperus mexicana}, Pine Essential Oil {Pinus sylvestrus}, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil {Citrus bergamia}, Bay Laurel Essential Oil {Laurus nobilis}, Eucalyptus Essential Oil {Eucalyptus globulus}. 

This perfume is an *Experimental Blend* meaning it will be available based on popular demand. If it delights your senses, please leave a review here or let me know what you think on social media {Instagram or Facebook} so that I can make it again!

Available at the moment in a 1/3 oz {10 ml} glass rollerball vial.