The Enchantress is a vixen, a siren: she charms the stars and tempts the moon. This alluring makeup trio is designed to enhance your natural glow with perfectly kissable botanical pigments for your lips, eyes & cheeks.  


1. MOCHA ROSE STAIN ~ hydrating lip & cheek balm with a sheer rosy tint and aroma of local Cacao & Cofee {0.15 oz glass jar}

2. HIBISCUS KISSED LIP OIL ~ emollient botanical gloss with subtle kiss of color and sweetly spiced aroma {0.3 oz roller}

3. MIDNIGHT EYES MAKEUP ~ versatile eyeliner, shadow & noir lipstick as black as the bewitching hour {0.15 oz glass jar}

This set has a $58 value.


When will I receive my order?

Good things take time. Our products are crafted with fresh ingredients & traditional methods to offer you the most potent body care under the sun.

Most orders ship within 1-4 days, but occasionally 5-7 days if we have to restock one of your items. We appreciate your patience for non-urgent orders.

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How are my items shipped?

All of our elixirs ship plastic-free with sustainable & repurposed packing materials. No pricing info is included in the box, so every package is ready for gifting!

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