ELIXIR COLLECTIVE 4 Month Gift Subscription


Subscription details
Elixir Collective packages are shipped once per month. A purchase of the Monthly Subscription will automatically renew with a recurring charge each month. For the 4 Month Gift Subscription, you are charged once upfront and will receive four monthly packages with no recurring charges.

The Elixir Collective is truly unique way to experience Indigo Elixirs, straight from the alchemist's apothecary. This subscription service offers a monthly delivery of limited batch & exclusive items inspired by the exotic flora of Hawaii. The intention is to both surprise & entice your senses & skin with unique formulations that feature seasonal, rare, and local botanicals. Try out formulations that will only be offered for a limited time, or that will only be available to members of the Collective: let yourself be enchanted by what the herbalist mixes up!

Each Collective package looks a little bit different, but always includes one or two items with a card detailing how to use the product as well as the properties & sources of key ingredients. Additional information is provided with the intention of teaching you something new, whether it covers an alchemical process, plant compound, or historical story of a plant. Local artists are also occasionally commissioned to create a unique piece just for a Collective item! 

The details of each box are kept a secret until the first wave of packages are sent out to current subscribers (save for a few tantalizing clues available on my @indigoelixirs Instagram story highlights) before they are fully revealed here & on social media. The packages  go out at variable times throughout the month, so I appreciate your patience in respecting the creative process. No pricing information is sent within the packages, so the Collective also serves as a wonderful gift!

By purchasing the Elixir Collective Gift Subscription, you will be charged only once and sent one package a month for 4 months (with no recurring charges). To sign up for the monthly subscription that automatically renews, please see the Monthly Subscription listing! When you sign up, you will receive the current month's offerings for as long as it is in stock; otherwise your subscription will begin the following month. 

The Collective is currently only available for shipping to the United States, Canada, Japan and the UK. Please choose your country from the drop-down menu, as the price per month includes shipping costs and is therefore variable! 

Follow these IE Journal links below to see detailed blog posts & photos of previous monthly offerings! 

#11 December ~ Lux & Nox Facial Oils
#10 November ~ Cacao Oil Mask & Chocolate Balm
#09 October ~ 'Iliahi Incense & Ritual Resin
#08 September ~ Hibiscus Kissed Lip Oil & Tropical Locks
#07 August ~ Vetiver Balm & Vetiver Bundle
#06 July ~ Summer Soak 
#05 June ~ Sun Spray & Sun + Moon All Over Oils
#04 May ~ Mango Ginger Honey Scrub
#03 April ~ Coco + Citrus Cream Cleanser
#02 March ~ Jade Balm
#01 February ~ Love Oil & Roselle Tea

Because of the value of each package and the cost of shipping, the Elixir Collective is not eligible for store wide sales. If would like to order the Collective alongside other items eligible for a sale, please purchase them under separate transactions to ensure the discount goes through.