Introducing a new way to experience Indigo Elixirs. The Elixir Collective is a subscription service offering a monthly delivery of limited batch & exclusive items. The intention is to surprise you each month with an elixir that incorporates the exotic flora of Hawaii, particularly formulated with seasonal or rare botanicals. Try out formulations that will only be offered for a limited time, or that will only be available to members of the collective: let yourself be enchanted by the unique alchemy that the herbalist mixes up. Future offerings may include items such as crystal balms, perfume blends and herbal teas, and local materials such as Hawaiian pikake, passionflower and puakinikini blossoms. 

Each Indigo Collective purchase consists of a four packages, each containing one or two items and mailed to you monthly. The shipping charges are included in your initial purchase. This service is currently only listed for customers within the United States, Canada and Japan, but can be made available for shipment anywhere: simply email me at Deanna@indigoelixirs.com if you would like to add your country to the list. 

Please be sure to select the listing with your country of residence ~ the difference in prices is based on shipping rates. The packages will go out at variable times throughout the month, so I appreciate your patience in respecting the creative process. No pricing information is sent within the packages, so the Collective also serves as a wonderful gift!

One purchase of the Elixir Collective equals four months of the subscription, with one package per month. You will receive the current month's box for as long as they are in stock; otherwise your first delivery will be in the subsequent month. Your subscription does not automatically renew after four months, so please purchase again if you want it to continue! 

Because of the value of each package and the cost of shipping, the Collective is not eligible for store wide sales. However, you can receive and use Indigo Rewards points for it. 

The prices for a 4-month subscription are as follows: 
United States $100
Canada $120
Japan $160