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Belladonna, the beautiful woman. This small collection of elixirs is designed make you feel as lovely as you are, or to bestow upon someone worth adorning. The Belladonna set includes all of my colorful elixirs for lips, cheeks & eyes:

1. HIBISCUS KISSED LIP OIL ~ hydrating roll-on lip gloss with a dark fuchsia tint & spiced sweetness {1/3 oz}

2. MOCHA ROSE STAIN ~ deep fuchsia lip & cheek tint, scented with local coffee & cacao {1/2 oz tin}

3. CITRUS BLOSSOM STAIN ~ deep orange lip & cheek tint, colored with local achiote & scented with local citrus {1/2 oz tin}

4. COCOA CARDAMOM LIP BAR ~ moisturizing lip balm with a subtle tint {1/3 oz}

5. MIDNIGHT EYES MAKEUP ~ versatile eyeliner & shadow as black as the bewitching hour {1/2 oz tin}

Save $8 when you order these Elixirs together!