Get every healing essential from the Topical Medicinals collection in this fully stocked first aid kit! Potent botanical balms, sprays, resins & rollers serve as effective herbal remedy for all the most common external ailments: headaches & pains, cuts & scrapes, bites & stings, rashes & skin infections. This set is an ideal gift for new moms, wilderness junkies, and anyone whose medicine cabinet is begging for an update. The Herbalist Set includes all of the following products: 

1. HEAD TONIC ~ roll-on treatment for headaches, sinus pressure & congestion {1/3 oz roller}

2. PAIN SALVE ~ reparative formula for chronic & acute pain due to overworked or damaged tissue & bone {1 oz tin}

3. BLUE MOON BALM ~ warming & pain relieving rub for cramps, stomach aches & sore muscles {1 oz tin}

4. SAVIOR SALVE ~ nourishing cream for eczema & dermatitis {1.7 oz jar}

5. HAWAIIAN LEMONGRASS SOLVE ALL SALVE ~ all purpose healing salve for minor abrasions & irritations {1/2 oz tin}

6. HAWAIIAN SANDALWOOD SOLVE ALL SALVE  ~ all purpose healing salve for minor abrasions & irritations {1/2 oz tin}

7. SANGRE DE DRAGO / DRAGON'S BLOOD ~ liquid bandage for open wounds, insect bits & blemishes {1 dram vial} 

8. S.O.S SPRAY ~ herbal antiseptic spray for topical infections & rashes {1 oz bottle}

9. DON'T BUG ME ~ insect repellant oil {1 oz bottle}

10. STING ZINGER ~ roll-on treatment for bug bites & stings {1/3 oz roller} 

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