LUNAR GLOW Night Potion

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This elixir has a shelf life of about 4 months and is offered in fresh, limited batches 3 times per year, typically in March, July & November. Please be sure to read the section on Shelf Life before purchasing. Glow Potions purchased as a subscription ship according to our production schedule and the ingredients vary slightly in each batch.


Lunar Glow Potion is a supercharged, ultra fresh facial serum available seasonally in limited batches. This vibrant orange elixir is packed with phytonutrients that help your skin repair from daily exposure to the elements, especially sunlight. A plethora of replenishing, soothing botanicals blend together in the ultimate aftersun lotion to deeply nourish your complexion for balanced hydration, enhanced suppleness, and a dewy glow.

Be sure to check out this elixir's sister ~ Solar Glow Potion ~ for an equally nutritive daytime regimen that helps protect the skin from daily sun exposure.


Lunar Glow is most suitable for normal to dry skin types, and in addition to the face can be used on other sun-exposed areas such as the neck, shoulders and chest. A little goes a long way ~ apply a dime-sized amount to clean skin at night.

Make sure the lotion is fully absorbed before resting your head on a white pillowcase ~ the serum has potential to stain due to the inclusion of pigmented healing botanicals such as Sea Buckthorn.


While this elixir can be used on sunburns and any other type of minor burn, proper burn protocol is crucial. Do not use any type of oil (including the Lunar Glow Potion) on sunburns or acute burns for the first 24 hours to avoid ‘sealing in’ heat. Run cool water over a newly afflicted area for 20 minutes, and only apply aloe vera (ideally the gel from a fresh leaf) or honey directly over a burn. Lunar Glow Potion can be used on sunburns the following day, when the skin no longer feels hot to the touch.


This Potion is actually a lotion {aka a mix of oily & watery ingredients} to provide maximum benefits while soaking in to the body more easily than thicker moisturizers and creams. Because of this unique composition, it is considered a 'fresh' concoction and will last about 4 months.

To maximize Lunar Glow's lifespan, keep in the fridge when using infrequently, apply with clean hands, and avoid getting water into the jar. Take notice of the scent when you first receive it and discontinue use if the smell changes or if you notice any discolored patches on the surface. Regular usage will help keep the formula fresh and also ensure that you enjoy every last drop while it’s still glowing with nutrients!


Available in a 2 oz or 0.25 oz glass jar with a metal lid. Note that the 2 oz jar is an appropriate size for using daily on the face and neck over a four month period, while the 0.25 oz is a perfect size to sample the product and enough for 2 weeks of one daily face application.

Please reuse or recycle glass after enjoying every last drop. Labels are printed on recycled paper.


All of our items are wrapped using eco-friendly kraft paper & plastic free kraft tape, packaged in recyclable boxes & recycled mailers, and the info cards that accompany your elixirs are printed on 100% recycled paper. No pricing info is included in the box, so every package is ready for gifting!



*Sunflower Oil / Helianthus annuus, ºRaspberry Seed Oil / Rubus ideaus, ºTamanu Oil / Calophyllum inophyllum, *Beeswax / Cera alba, Fair Trade ºShea Butter / Vitellaria paradoxa, Fair Trade ºCacao Butter / Theobroma cacao, *ºSandalwood Hydrosol / Santalum paniculatum, *Patchouli Hydrosol / Pogostemon cablin, *Aloe / Aloe vera infused ºCoconut Vinegar / Cocos nucifera, *Turmeric / Curcuma longa, *Comfrey / Symphytum officinale, *Gotu Kola / Centella asiatica, ºLavender Essential Oil / Lavandula officinale, *Rose / Rosa damascena infused *Honey, Sangre de Drago Resin / Croton lechleri



Glow Potions are an emulsion ~ a suspension of oils and aqueous ingredients, yielding one amalgamous substance. Normally these two categories of ingredients resist blending, but given the perfect ratios, temperatures, and method of combining, the result is a velvety smooth cream that soaks easily into the skin. Emulsions allow us to utilize plant butters & oils alongside herbal vinegars, honeys and water extracts in a single formulation for a diverse range of phytoactive constituents.


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