RITUAL RESIN Botanical Perfume


Ritual Resin is a sacred ceremony for the body. This blend calls upon familiar and exotic botanicals that offer calming, clearing, and grounding aromatics for anointment. Beautiful Blue Chamomile oil takes center stage, supported by musky Rock Rose and sugary Benzoin. Coveted Palo Santo offers a bit of sharpness, while pure rare Hawaiian Sandalwood brings the woods and sweet resins into a blissful state of being. This scent is highly balanced between feminine and masculine, suitable for any wearer who wishes to bring a bit more sanctity into their life.


This roll on adornment can be used anywhere on the body for a natural fragrance. Shake the vial gently before using, as heavier resins tend to sink, and apply to the pulse points and neck.

All of the aromatics used here {and across Indigo Elixirs} are purely plant in origin ~ only true essential oils, resins and undiluted absolutes allowed. Please keep in mind this yields a more natural, subtle scent than conventional counterparts, but our botanical perfumes are infinitely healthier for your nose & your skin.


Due to the presence of Rock Rose {Labdanum}, Ritual Resin should be avoided while pregnant.


This elixir is most potent within one year of purchase.


Available in a 1/3 oz {10 ml} glass rollerball vial. Please repurpose or recycle your vessel after you've enjoyed every last bit. Our labels are printed on 100% recycled paper.



You enter a place of ritual, suddenly enraptured by heavy spirals of smoke swirling through the air. The scent is ever more sweet and enveloping as you inhale precious embers of ceremonial woods and resins burning over a flame. With each breath, your intuition begins to crystallize as the surrounding space tells the story of its sanctity through scent alone.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Olea europa, Virgin ºCoconut Oil / Cocos nucifera, Rock Rose Resin / Cistus ladanifer, Blue Chamomile Essential Oil / Chamomila recutita, Benzoin Resin / Styrax benzoin, Palo Santo Essential Oil / Bursera graveolens, Royal Hawaiian *ºSandalwood Essential Oil / Santalum paniculatum


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