Head-to-Toe Hydration.

A super versatile oil for hair, face + body, for the gypsy traveler & minimalist backpacker alike: designed specifically for nights out that turn into overnighters, and to be the one item that accompanies your soap on upon reclusion into the forest.

SPICED CITRUS is like a cup of lemon chai tea: Cardamom & Ylang Ylang spice up a rejuvenating Lemongrass, with the intoxicating undertones of sweet Vanilla bean.

This oil will keep your locks lush & your skin soft: smooth out frizz & split ends while nourishing normal to dry skin. Perfect for post-shower & on-the-go moisturizing & hair glossing. Apply as often as needed, wherever needed.

Crafted in Manoā | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love + plants:
Hawaiian cold pressed Macadamia Nut {Macadamia spp.}
Organic California Extra virgin Olive {Olea europaea}
Organic Virgin Coconut {Cocos nucifera}
Hawaiian Lemongrass {Cymbopogon citratus} essential oil
Cardamom {Elittaria cardamomum} essential oil
Ylang Ylang {Cananga odorata} essential oil
Vanilla absolute {Vanilla plantifolia} essential oil

Available 1/3 oz glass vial for 1 oz glass bottle.

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