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The enchantress ~ she charms the stars and hypnotizes the moon. This bewitching quartet features a few of my most alluring & intoxicating elixirs to adorn your hair, skin, wrists & lips:

1. HIBISCUS KISSED LIP OIL ~ hydrating roll-on lip gloss with a dark fuchsia tint & spiced sweetness {1/3 oz}

2. TROPICAL LOCKS ~ hydrating hair & scalp serum to smooth, nourish & free your wild mane {1 oz bottle}

3. MOON ALL OVER OIL ~ versatile hair & body oil with the intoxicating scent of Jasmine & Hawaiian Sandalwood  {1 oz bottle}

4. NEROLI NECTAR ~ roll-on perfume adornment of exotic fragrant blossoms, citrus & clove {1/3 oz vial}

Save $9 when you order these Elixirs together!