Crystal Elixirs are aromatherapy balms embedded with tumbled quartz stones: amethyst, rose quartz & smoky quartz. Like the 7 Chakras, traditional Daoist medicine has a parallel system called the 9 Palaces. These Palaces run through the center of the body along the course of the Chakras. Out of the 9, there are 3 Central Palaces ~ the center of the head, the chest & the abdomen. The Crystal Elixirs have been formulated with oils & stones that have an affinity for these 3 centers: the mind, the heart & the root. Use them however you like: under the nose for their aromatic properties, on the wrists as perfume, on the skin or hair to moisturize. You will find that there is a rather magical aspect to rubbing the smooth stone while using the balm ~ and you will have a beautiful crystal to keep! This set includes all 3 varieties: 

1. AMETHYST CRYSTAL ELIXIR ~ an aromatic blend of lavender & neroli with an embedded amethyst stone to free the mind {1 oz tin}

2. ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL ELIXIR ~ an aromatic blend of rose & labdanum embedded with a rose quartz stone to warm the heart {1 oz tin}

3. SMOKY QUARTZ CRYSTAL ELIXIR ~ an aromatic blend of patchouli & benzoin embedded with a smoky quartz stone to ground the root {1 oz tin}

Save $6 when you order these Elixirs together! 

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