This sweet lip color & blush gets its lovely tint from Oahu wildcrafted achiote seeds and its aroma from local citrus fruits & flowers. Give your lips a gloss of hydration & the subtle shade of a Moro blood orange - a deep red-orange blend. 

Because this is a botanical pigment, please keep in mind that it will be more subtle than conventional lip products! 

Crafted in Mānoa | O'ahu | Hawai'i with love + plants:
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil {Olea europa}
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil {Cocos nucifera}
Organic Fair Trade Cacao Butter {Theobroma cacao}
Hawaiian Achiote / Annatto Seeds {Bixa orellana}
Wildcrafted Alkanet Root {Alkanna tinctoria}
Oahu Beeswax {Cera alba}

Available in a 1/2 oz tin.

Botanicals have a natural shelf life, just like food. This item is prepared in small batches with fresh ingredients and is at its optimal potency within 6 months of purchase. Help preserve your elixir by avoiding extreme heat and always using clean, dry hands to apply. If it starts to smell funky, it's time for a new one!