Chocolate Mud

No it’s not brownie batter…it’s chocolate mud! Made with 100% organic food ingredients. Great for coed showers or indulgent solo bathing.

January 09, 2013 — Deanna Ahigian

nettle roots


January 09, 2013 — Deanna Ahigian

Nettle Infusions

January 09, 2013 — Deanna Ahigian

La’au Lapa’au

La’au lapa’au = Hawaiian herbal medicine.

A kahuna la’au lapa’au is a traditional Hawaiian herbalist.
Starting from the age of five, a kahuna was trained by an elder in the disciplines of botany, pharmacology and medicine.

In addition to prescribing herbs for internal ingestion and topical application, kahunas would frequently utilize other methods for healing.
Amongst these included:
~ steaming in a tent made of hau {hibiscus – Hibiscus tiliaceus} branches: hot stones were placed inside the tent and splashed with water to create a steam chamber {“puholoholo”}.
~ wrapping the body in ti {Cordyline fructicosa} or ‘ape {taro – Colocasia escualenta} leaves to induce sweating.
~ sunning, typically employed for sore tendons, muscles, and joints; juice from the leaf of popolo {American nightshade – Solanum americanum} might be applied to the afflicted area beforehand.
~ immersing in fresh or salt water: sometimes a lei of limu kala {a type of seaweed – Sargassum} was worn into the ocean and the patient was required to wait until the water carried it away, thereby releasing {“kala”} the person from the illness.

[sourced from Isabella Aiona Abbott: La’au Hawai’i, 1992]

October 29, 2012 — Deanna Ahigian

Banyan Treehouse

Banyan {Ficus benghalensis}

The banyan is very unique in that it produces aerial roots which grow downward and into the ground. Once they have rooted, they become indistinguishable from the main trunk.

Worshiped as sacred, its hanging roots form sheltered temples at its feet. The banyan is the national tree of India.

Hidden in the back of Manoa Valley is a treehouse built within & around a beautiful banyan tree. A dairy farm only 60 years ago, the backyard is now a lush haven of rainforest. This giant tree is less than 50 years old.

September 12, 2012 — Deanna Ahigian

Indigo Elixirs Revamped

With this blog I hope to share a bit of the knowledge I acquire pertaining to botanical healing and alternative health. As always, I would love to hear from you regarding all of your herbal inquiries, skin ailments, or questions about indigo elixirs.

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