Symphytum officinale

Comfrey serves as the foundation of our formulas that heal & repair. 

A wonderful weaving healer, Comfrey's other old common name of "boneknit" implies one of her many uses. The beautiful leaves feature matrices reminiscent of fractal building blocks, and make a potent poultice when freshly mashed and applied to wounds, sprains or strains.

Comfrey possesses a special compound called allantoin that helps mend broken skin, but is best suited for well cleaned shallow cuts and scrapes to ensure the skin doesn't come together too quickly and trap an infection beneath the surface.


• Comfrey is a star ingredient in our Pain Healer Salve, where her freshly infused leaves help repair damaged tissue. 

Solve All Salve draws on fresh Comfrey's ability to speed the healing of minor cuts, scrapes, scabs and abrasions.


Our fresh Comfrey leaves are sourced from the herbalist's Mānoa garden.