Medicine for your skin.

Use as often as needed to soothe & heal abrasions & irritations, including cuts & scrapes, minor burns, rashes, and raw, dry, or itchy skin. This salve won first place in the herbal products contest at the 11th International Herb Symposium! The herbs used in this formula are antimicrobial, regenerative, cicatrizant & soothing.

This item is handmade in Manoa | Oahu | Hawaii with love & plants.

International Herb Symposium Award
Salve Winner at the 11th International Herb Symposium

Crafted with virgin cold-pressed oils of Hawaiian macadamia & niu {coconut} infused with Oahu-grown herbs of burdock, comfrey, lavender, laukahi {plantain}, neem leaf, olena {turmeric}, oregano, sage, thyme & yarrow; Oahu beeswax; Hawaiian grown & distilled lemongrass OR sandalwood essential oil.

Your Solve All Salve is made & shipped fresh. It contains no preservatives and should last at least 6 months. All labels are printed on recycled paper.

$10 for 1/2 oz tin:

Hawaiian Lemongrass: 

Hawaiian Sandalwood: $10 for 1/2 oz tin:

Solve All Infusing Herbs
Solve All Infusing Herbs


“I bought both the Solve All Salve in
Lemongrass and the Mocha Rose Stain
and love 
both products! The salve works
advertised. I use it on minor cuts and
mosquito bites and the stinging stops
immediately. The smell of the lemongrass is what I really like too. As for the lip balm, it’s very moisturizing and the color and smell of the cacao is great. Plus, for both products, a little goes a long way so not only is it a good product but it’s a good value too.”
   « Christine, Honolulu HI

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