A healing cream for chronic eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis & any itchy, irritated, raw or chapped skin condition. Apply liberally as needed.

This is a whipped blend of raw organic shea butter plus organic virgin coconut and organic extra virgin olive oils infused with locally-grown olena {turmeric}, laukahi {plantain}, pohe kula {gotu kola}, burdock leaf, yarrow & lemonbalm.

$13 for 1oz tin

$18 for 2oz tin

$27 for 4oz jar

**Please note: Severe eczema & psoriasis are conditions that call for internal medicine as well. Eczema typically results from an allergic reaction that causes inflammation: consider what you could be eating (or wearing, or breathing in) that might be causing your body discontent. Psoriasis may be attributed to a buildup of toxins, usually from an environment that contains various kinds of chemicals. Consult your community herbalist/curandero/kahuna to find out how you can support the internal healing process or email me at

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