Aid all your minor ailments with this endlessly useful first aid kit. Your kit will arrive in a cotton muslin bag with the following contents:

1. Sangre de Drago / Dragon’s Blood {Croton lechleri} Liquid Resin: A superpower plant healer in its pure form. Think of it as a liquid bandaid: dab Dragon’s Blood onto open cuts & wounds and let dry. The resin will form a second skin over the broken skin, protecting it from outside invaders while using its antimicrobial awesomeness to kill any present infection & help speed up the healing process. I never leave home without it.

2. Hawaiian Sandalwood Solve All Salve: Use as often as needed to soothe & heal abrasions & irritations, including cuts & scrapes, minor burns, rashes, and raw, dry, or itchy skin. The herbs used in this formula are antimicrobial, regenerative, cicatrizant & soothing.

3. Head Tonic: A simple blend that is endlessly effective. Simply shake + roll on to temples, forehead, or chest to feel relief of pressure.

4. Pain Salve: A healing salve for relief + repair of injured muscle, ligament + bone. Apply to affected area as needed. All of the herbs in the blend are infused fresh and provide regenerative, tissue-repairing, anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.

$35 for the set:

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