Cooling Lip Hydration

This ultra moisturizing lip balm carries the sweet scent of botanically infused Maui vanilla beans & organic spearmint oil. With raw shea & cacao butters and Hawaiian macadamia oil, it will soothe even the most chapped pouts out there.

Available in an eco cardboard push-up tube. Please do not expose this item to extreme heat! I have made all possible attempts to Hawaii-proof this balm so that it can hang out in your beach bag, but please keep in mind that it will likely melt in a hot car and the container is not leak proof.

This item is handmade with love + plants in Manoa | Oahu | Hawaii.

Crafted with Hawaiian macadamia oil, organic Californian extra virgin olive oil & organic virgin coconut oil infused with raw Hawaiian vanilla beans, raw organic fair trade cacao & shea butters, organic spearmint essential oil and Oahu beeswax. 

Your Coco Vanilla Bar is concocted & shipped fresh – it contains no preservatives and should last at least 6 months. 

$12 for 1/3 oz stick:

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