Indigo Elixirs
are handcrafted medicines
for the skin & soul.

Each item is made with love &

The Traveling Shop
The Traveling Shop

My formulas consist of medicinal plants
that are either grown by me or by friends,
wildcrafted from remote & abundant wilderness
or purchased from sustainable sources.
I also use organic cold-pressed oils,
steam-distilled essential oils & hydrosols,
raw vinegars & homemade kombuchas,
plus honey & beeswax supplied by local beekeepers.

This is an evolving endeavor –
as my materia medica grows and the seasons change,
I will make use of the medicine that I consider to be
most effective & plentiful at the time.
As I continue to make improvements,
please keep in mind that items may vary across batches.
However, if you have fallen in love with a particular
formulation that is no longer listed, please
contact me directly and I will do my best to replicate it.

The Custom Perfumery Bar
The Custom Perfumery Bar

A word about shelf life:

Just as the food that you eat should be as fresh as possible,
so too should the products that cover your skin.
As your largest organ,
the skin functions as a gateway to the world:
it is a living permeable membrane that exchanges nutrients
(& toxins) from the inside out & vice versa.
Your skincare should be nutritious,
and should not last forever.
Therefore, I only use honey &
fermented or antimicrobial plants to
help preserve the health of your product over time.
You can expect my items to last at least 6 months
from the time of purchase unless otherwise noted.
Please always dip with clean, dry hands and
keep your elixirs in cool, stable temperatures
out of direct sunlight & away from water.
When in doubt, follow your nose:
if the smell changes, discontinue use.

A bit about packaging:

All of my items are sold in reusable glass & tins
that may be returned to me (or specific retailers)
for a $1 discount on a future purchase.
Dark glass is non-reactive & helps to keep out light,
extending the life of your product.
My labels are made using banana peel
& post-consumer recycled paper.

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